Still More Tales To Give You Goosebumps: An Old Story

February 25th, 2020

Let's get OLD! The Terror Twins can't stop CRAVING SWEET BLACK PRUNES?! With PRUNE SAUUUURCE. This short story and TV episode should be absolute HOT TRASH but it turns out they're pretty TASTY! TURN, TURN, TURN TO GREY!

Still More Tales To Give You Goosebumps: The Wish

February 1st, 2020

Be Careful What You BITCH For! Or just might GET IT! It's Halloween night, AGAIN! - and MAX trick-or-treats at the WRONG HOUSE HUH-NEE! He gets this sharp old rock from that crickety old CRONE and then it's time to WISH and DISH. Oh nose!! Listen to this episode: It's quick! It's well-trod territory! And it's all KINDS of HOT NASTY. Get into it! Love, Your Sisters: The Terror Twins. PS - Let us know if you've had a JELLY APPLE!!

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