More Tales To Give You Goosebumps: Suckers!

July 30th, 2019

We're sorry, but, honestly, this episode SUCKS!

More Tales To Give You Goosebumps: You Gotta Believe Me!

July 22nd, 2019

Flying Saucers! Alien invaders! Big balls of tin foil! The Terror Twins talk about flying YOU GOTTA BELIEVE ME! from R.L. Stine's 2nd short story collection. Make sure you download ALIEN by Britney Spears! #BuyGloryoniTunes

More Tales To Give You Goosebumps: Something Fishy

July 10th, 2019

SEASON OF THE FISH! This summery short story about a boy and his pet fish starts off pretty fun and then really TANKS - like it goes way off the DEEP END! R.L. really could've SCALED back. Sorry, we're really DROWNING in bad puns here! GILL-ty as charged! We're honestly just FISHING for compliments! - Daniel & Matthew Scott Montgomery / The Terror Twins

More Tales To Give You Goosebumps: P.S. Don’t Write Back

July 1st, 2019

Dear Mom and Dad,

The only thing scarier than Camp Timber Lake Hills is that it's across the lake from Camp Timber LANE Hills!

All the kids play sports here? It's so strange. Please send HALP. We miss you! PLEASE write us back!

Love, The Terror Twins

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