Goosebumps #52: How I Learned To Fly

January 31st, 2018

The Terror Twins really have their HEADS IN THE CLOUDS this week! Start stretching, get into the kitchen, make sure that dog DON'T EAT OUTTA THE BOWL, and get ready to FLY over MALIBU. This book ranked HIGH on Matthew's not-excited-to-REREAD list but, boy, was his ass WRONG. Listen and find out why it SOARED to the tippity-top of his MILE HIGH BOOK CLUB terror tomes! Featuring exclusive performances by legendary iconoclast Hilary Duff and pissing singer R. Kelly!

Goosebumps #51: Beware, The Snowman

January 18th, 2018

Jack Frost? JACK NASTY! Get ready for one of the weirder, wilder, COLDER entries in the Goosebumps canon in a remote Arctic village where there's a terrifying, confusing, contradictory local legend that'll send shivers up and down your spine! Allison Janney is a SEVEN-time Emmy-winning, Tony-nominated, GOLDEN GLOBE-winning actress, soon-to-be Academy Award WINNER. Hailee Steinfeld is a platinum-selling recording artist AND an Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated actress.

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