Goosebumps #22: Ghost Beach

February 19th, 2016

Life's a BEACH and then WE die! Goosebumps fanatics Daniel and Matthew Scott Montgomery take a dip in the spooky waters of GHOST Beach by RL Stine (the book AND Fox Kids' TV show episode). The Terror Twins love a good classic ILLOGICAL ghost story as much as the next ghoul, and they get their entire AFTERlives gabbing about this sandy sinister tale, recorded from their watery graves! Watch out for barking dogs, INDIAN PIPE, and that Aurora BORING ALICE.


Goosebumps #21: Go Eat Worms!

January 12th, 2016

WORMS ON THE BRAIN! Daniel and Matthew Scott Montgomery wiggle and giggle over RL Stine's slippery slimy tale - GO EAT WORMS. The Terror Twins chat about the book AND corresponding Fox Kids TV episode, both wriggling and squiggling with FAT purple squishy creeping crawling WET worms! I think I'm gonna be SICK. 


Goosebumps #20: The Scarecrow Walks At Midnight

December 7th, 2015

Daniel and Matthew Scott Montgomery (the Terror Twins) are the ULTIMATE Goosebumps experts, and, in this episode, they stalk through a field of SCREAMS (like a bunch of CITY KIDS) to figure out what makes those silent scarecrows walk! Perk up those EARS, eat some cornflakes, sprain your wrist, and watch out for Grandma Miriam's BROOM HANDS as we talk about the book and about the trash TV episode. Our corniest episode yet! 


Goosebumps #19: Deep Trouble

November 22nd, 2015

UH OH! Here comes TROUBLE! Daniel and Matthew (the Terror Twins) dive DEEP into the murky, fantastical waters of the RL Stine screamer, Deep Trouble. SINK into this episode about a terrifying tale swimming with sharks, monsters, portholes, and MERMAIDS. That's right - GORGEOUS mermaids! Swimmer beware, you're in for a SCARE.


Goosebumps Monster-Sized Movie Review!

October 16th, 2015

IT'S HERE! The GOOSEBUMPS movie! The Terror Twins take you on a BEHIND-THE-SCREAMS tour of the entire Goosebumps Movie Premiere weekend - EXCLUSIVE interviews with the cast and crew- including Jack Black, director Rob Letterman and DANNY ELFMAN! (What?!) Get all the inside secrets, spooky fun facts, and, of course, our review of this childhood nightmare come to LIFE. 


Goosebumps #18: Monster Blood II

September 22nd, 2015

Our first SHRIEKquel! Goosebumps experts Daniel and Matthew Scott Montgomery are TWO thrilled to chat about this MONSTER of a classic - the follow-up to mean green splatter-fest, Monster Blood! Evan meets his monster again, and it's followed him to SCHOOL! No more teachers, no more books, and one GIANT pet hamster - named Cuddles. LOLZ! Don't get swallowed up by this lemon-y flavored hour as the Terror Twins gush and GUSH about this silly, slippery story filled with bullies and preteens committing CRIMES. Oh, and I guess, they talk about the just-for-TV sequel, More Monster Blood, or whatever.


Goosebumps #17: Why I’m Afraid Of Bees

August 20th, 2015

Bzzzzzzz!! Matthew Scott and Daniel Montgomery discuss this R.L. Stine creeper that's gotten quite a lot of BUZZ over the years. This body-swapping giggle-fest features a whole lot of weird science, a murderous dragonfly, a cat named Klaus, and teen hunk, DIRK DAVIS. Swoon! Caution: this episode is SUPER sweet... like HONEY. 


Goosebumps #16: One Day At Horrorland

July 22nd, 2015

Daniel and Matthew Scott Montgomery welcome you to HORRORLAND. The DOOM SLIDE! The HOUSE OF MIRRORS! The COFFIN CRUISE! And WAY more. Voted by America as the QUINTESSENTIAL Goosebumps book, this pink-and-teal tome is a FRIGHT to behold. The TV episode on the other hand... EEK! Don't miss this episode - admission is FREE! 


Goosebumps Movie Preview/Trailer Review BONUS Episode

July 14th, 2015

It's COMING... Goosebumps:THE MOVIE! Daniel and Matthew Scott Montgomery chit and chat about everything there is to know (so far) about the movie (including which MONSTERS we'll see) - and give their PINIONS on the recently released trailer!! 


Goosebumps #15: You Can’t Scare Me!

June 5th, 2015

Terror Twins Daniel and Matthew Scott Montgomery try to scare each other silly in this raucous recap of the book and TV episode, You Can't Scare Me! This episode (and book( is full of all kinds of kooky goodness. Sexy cover? Check. Ludicrous fake-out scares? Yep. (It was literally JUST THE WIND) and BEE-throwing? YOU GOT IT! ...Are you scared yet?